The Sonder Review, Issue 10, Summer 2018

The James Bonds

    The Forge, September 2018

144 Elm Street

    The Breakroom Stories, July 2018

Glacier Bay

    Upstreet Literary Magazine, July 2018

Spawning Ground

    Weirdbook #39, May 2018

Kissing Days

  Foliate Oak, May 2018

Mae Bird

  Flash Frontier, November 2017

Beasts Headed Home from the Party

  Gordon Square Review, November 2017

  Nominated for the 2018 Best of the Net Award

Shipwreck Baby

  Psychopomp Magazine; Spring 2017

  Nominated for the Pushcart Prize


Seven Ate Nine

  Flapperhouse; Winter 2017

The Changeling

  Zetetic Record; December 2016


  Shoreline of Infinity Volume 6; December 2016

  Buy an kindle edition or a print edition

The Path of Bones

  Manawaker Studios; November 2016


  Spirits Tincture; November 2016

I Hope This Doesn't Hurt My Chances

  Dark Moon Digest 25; October 2016

The Beer Connoissuer

  Manawaker Studios; October 2016


  365 Tomorrows; June 2016

After the World Ended (short story collection)

    18th Wall Production, May 2016

    Buy a copy here or here, or anywhere books are sold

    Free sample (ebook)

The Speckled Band (The Science of Deduction Volume 3)

    18th Wall Productions; March 2016

    Buy a copy here or here


Things Rusted on the Wheel

     Riding Light; Winter 2016


The Mirror

    Those Who Live Long Forgotten: 18th Wall Productions; October 2014

    Or buy a copy here or here


After the World Ended

    Spark: A Creative Anthology volume IV; January 2014

    Buy a copy

Butterfly Weather

    New Myths; Sept 2013


For A Good Time

    Pinball; Fall 2013



   Solarcide; Fall 2013


The Worst Part

    Kaleidotrope, Spring 2013



    Grimm and Grimmer Volume 1; February 2013

    Buy a copy


The Mall

    Bourbon Penn Issue 4; April 2012

    Buy a copy


The Dead Do Not Come Back At Night

    10,000 Tons of Black Ink; February 2012

    10,000 Tons of Black Ink Best Of Volume II; Spring 2012

    Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

    Nominated for the 2013 StorySouth Million Writers Award


Knees Together

    34th Parallel Issue 16; October 2011

    Buy a copy



    Goose River Anthology; 2009

    Buy a Copy

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